Marine Memories

Marine memories

Family Boat, Amlwch © Peter Williams

Since 2018, we've been collecting memories and stories of our Living Seas!

Do you have memories about marine mammals? Stories about sharks or salmon? Perhaps you could write a book about your time on a boat? If so, we want to hear from you!

Whether it’s memories from childhood, tales from your grandparents, thoughts on how the seas have changed, photographs, letters or old shell collections...we want to bring these stories up from the depths.

You can now view our completed Marine Memories collection on our brand-new interactive Map!

What is a Marine Memory?

Marine Memories are historical records, and anecdotal stories about marine wildlife and heritage.

There are plenty of organisations, ourselves included, who monitor the oceans and spend time researching the wildlife that live there...but this data can only take us so far! There's more of a human element to our history and marine heritage than numbers alone can explain.

It's these stories, photos, and recollections, that we hope to share as part of the Living Seas Wales Project.

Why should we collect Marine Memories?

  • People's memories and skills are constantly at risk of being lost. By writing things down, we're ensuring that our heritage isn't lost into the depths of the ocean.
  • Raising awareness of how our seas are changing.
  • Gauge a better understanding of conservation baselines. This may sound complicated...but all it means is that, by understanding how our oceans looked in the past, we can reflect on how they look today, and may continue to look into the future.
  • Marine monitoring.
  • Engage and inspire people in conversation about our awesome marine life!

How can I view the Marine Memories Collection?

Simply click here!

Marine Memories Map

Marine Memories Map © 2021 Google / Living Seas Wales

Delve Deeper

Marine Memories Map

Delve deeper into our Marine Memories Collection, using our interactive Map!

Marine Memories Map
Grey Triggerfish

Grey Triggerfish, 1997 © Kevin Hawke

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Marine Memories Highlights

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Marine Memories Highlights
Lobster Pot Weaving

Lobster Pot Weaving © Peter Williams

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