Marine memories map

Marine Memories Map

Delve deeper into our Marine Memories Collection, using our Interactive Map!

Marine Memories Map © 2021 Google / Living Seas Wales

Marine Memories Map

Throughout the Living Seas Wales Project, our wonderful team of volunteers and staff have been speaking with you - the public - to record your memories of the marine environment.

This map provides a summary of the incredible stories that we have heard over the last three years!

You can easily navigate our Marine Memories Map, using the legend located on the top-left-hand-side.

Marine Memories Map Key

Marine Memories Map Key © Living Seas Wales

From here, you can explore sightings, strandings, and much much more! With stories collected from as far back as 1748, stretching all the way to 2020, there's sure to be something that catches your eye!

For further information on each record, please choose "Click here to learn more -". This will redirect you from this website to the People's Collection Wales Website.