August Marine News


Skomer Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) celebrates 30 years 

Designated a Marine Nature Reserve in 1990 the zone is the only one of its kind in Wales. Over the past 30 years a wide range of stakeholders from the academic, commercial and recreational sectors have worked together to achieve the best outcome for marine wildlife. Scallops are protected by the MCZ and have increased seven-fold since the designation.


Microplastics in the Atlantic Ocean could weigh up to 21 million tonnes!

Research carried out by the UK’s National Oceanography Centre suggests that there is enough plastic in the Atlantic ocean to fill 1,000 container ships. The researchers collected seawater samples on an expedition from the UK to the Falkland Islands and detected up to 7,000 particles per cubic metre of seawater.

Earth has lost 28 trillion tonnes of ice in the last 30 years  

Scientists based at Leeds and Edinburgh universities and University College London have discovered that a total of 28 trillion tonnes of ice has disappeared since 1994!  The loss of ice can cause rises in sea levels and reduces the Earth’s ability to reflect solar radiation leading to further warming.  “There can be little doubt that the vast majority of Earth’s ice loss is a direct consequence of climate warming”.


Dead dolphins wash up on beach after Wakashio oil ship deliberately sunk 

A day after the controversial sinking of the Wakashio oil ship dozens of dead dolphins and porpoise have washed up on the beaches of Mauritius. There has yet to be an announcement of exact cause of death by social media images and videos shows oil covering the skin and blowholes of some of the stranded animals.

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