February Marine News

A Barnacle in close-up

News on climate change, Wales as a wildlife haven, swordfish, ‘clapping’ seals, sea otters, post-Brexit fishing laws and Australia’s wildlife impact on the sea.

North Wales

Worrying time-lapse video shows parts of North Wales being lost to the sea if predictions are right
Sections of Anglesey, Gwynedd Conwy and Denbighshire are at risk according to Climate Central predictions

South & West Wales

Dolphin found washed up on beach at Mumbles, Swansea
Passersby spotted the dolphin stranded on the beach on Friday


Wales a haven for wildlife – but for how long?
Here we look at creatures who only call the green, green grass of Wales home, along with the country’s major success stories and the efforts to save those in danger of disappearing altogether.

Renewable energy in Wales – a new decade
RenewableUK Cymru’s Rhys Wyn Jones has big dreams for green energy in Wales


Rare swordfish sighting in waters off coast of Scotland

Wild grey seal caught ‘clapping’ on camera for the first time

New laws for sustainable fishing to rule the waves after Brexit
All fish stocks in UK waters will be fished at sustainable levels after Brexit, the Government has said as it publishes new legislation on fisheries.

Rescued Alaskan sea otters settle into new home in UK first
At the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.


Australia’s marine ecosystems imperiled by fires
Ash and silt flowing into the sea can choke fish’s gills and smother seagrasses and seaweed.

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