January Marine News

South & West Wales

Pembrokeshire seal pups return to South Wales waters after recovery in RSPCA care
A heartwarming story about the RSPCA’s level of care.

North Wales

Uncovering a mysterious treasure of drowned forests and legendary ‘palaces’
What may emerge from the seas as the North Wales coast continues to rise since the last Ice Age? The Clwydian branch of the North Wales Wildlife Trust is hosting a free talk on February 7.


Alderney seagrass planted in Wales
Seagrass stores double the amount of carbon than soils on land.

Tuna and anchovies to chase out cod in 30 years as UK seas warm up
Welsh fisheries could suffer as cockles and whelks decline with ocean acidification.

How the sea is being used in Wales to fight climate change
As the climate emergency gets more severe, the sea surrounding Wales could play a vital role


Thousands ‘wade-in’ to help protect UK seas
The Wildlife Trusts’ Living Seas teams have compiled their most memorable highlights – a marine review of the year.

Turbulent year for UK’s marine wildlife, finds annual review
The Wildlife Trust’s 2019 marine report reviews the good and bad news across the country.

Commuting seal and dolphins swimming farther south than ever, wildlife experts say
Wildlife experts celbrated “extraordinary” sightings of Scottish bottlenose dolphins off the Yorkshire coast but other discoveries found that marine animals face an increasing range of challenges.


Analysis challenges slew of studies claiming ocean acidification alters fish behavior
The paper, published in Nature is itself being challenged.

Cool as a cuttlefish: 3D glasses help reveal strike patterns
They compare data from both eyes and compute the distance of their prey (known as stereopsis).

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