June Marine News


Post-mortem tests carried out on fin whale stranded on the Dee Estuary

The young fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus), thought to be around a year old, had stranded three times over two days. After stranding for the third time the whale died and a post-mortem was carried out by Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme – UK. Findings suggest that the whale died as a result of injuries sustained from stranding and the calf was also judged to not have eaten for some time.

Easing of some lockdown restrictions sparks a rise in litter in Wales

The five mile travel rule has meant people are able to travel to beauty spots and has resulted in a staggering increase in littering. Volunteers are struggling to to cope with the amount of litter which can have a devastating effects on wildlife. Keep Wales Tidy are asking people to take their litter home with them.


Seahorses return to Dorset coast amid lockdown

16 Spiny Seahorses (Hippocampus guttulatus) have been recorded off Dorset by the Seahorse Trust. This is the largest number the Trust has recorded since 2008 and the first live individuals since 2015. This could be potentially be due to the restoration of the seagrass thanks to reduced boat mooring.

Reusable containers safe during Covid-19 pandemic 

More than 100 scientists have signed a statement that based on the available science and guidance reusable products such as travel mugs can be used safely during the pandemic by employing basic hygiene. Scientists advise that consumers wash reusable items thoroughly with hot water and detergent or soap.


Whale-watching boat noise found to disrupt mother and calf resting times

A study has found that noise from whale-watching boat engines could be effecting humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) mother’s and calves while they stop to rest on their migrations. As noise increased mother’s spent less time resting, their breathing rate increased and they swam faster.


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