October Marine News

Living Seas Seal by Sarah Perry

South & West Wales

Portuguese man o’ war warning for Pembrokeshire beaches
Beachgoers are warned about these stinging jellyfish-like creatures.

Volunteers collect 14 bags of litter in Caerphilly Castle clean-up
Keep Wales Tidy’s Marine Clean Cymru campaign active in Caerphilly.

North Wales

Weather and storm defences: Who pays when sea walls crumble?
A focus on coastal defences and their cost in Conwy.

Shipwreck found at Pensarn Beach
Thought to have been sunk 150 years ago, the shipwreck was uncovered by extreme weather.


Wildlife scheme: Farmers’ worries cause charity exit
Rewilding Britain pulls out of Summit to Sea project.

What is the Welsh Government Doing to Tackle Climate Change?
A statement on the top 8 priorities for action – including a world-leading marine energy sector.

Wales’ National Marine Energy Test Facility Opens in Pembrokeshire
Marine Energy Wales announces phase 1 is open for business.


The best places to see puffins, dolphins, sharks, whales and other amazing sea life in the UK
A guide on where to watch marine wildlife.


Minesto Receives Approval for EU-funded Site Project in France
Leading marine energy developer Minesto also operates in Wales.

Sir David Attenborough: Human beings have made ‘tragic, desperate mess’
A look at his new natural history series, Seven Worlds, One Planet

60 MINUTES: Shark attack victim, conservationist call for rethink on shark protection
Australia’s shark protection laws slammed.

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