September Marine News

Are you up for the Keep Wales Tidy challenge to make Wales marine clean?
Marine Clean Cymru runs from 20 September to 20 October. Sign up with Keep Wales Tidy to join the month of action.

‘Dolphin snot’ used to look at health of pod off Gower
Researchers at Swansea University have developed a way to collect dolphin snot. It is thought this will give new insights into the health of the marine mammals.

‘Don’t swim with wild dolphins’ warning after Cardigan Bay picture
The general public are reminded that it is against the law to disturb wild dolphins. They should be observed from a distance.

Bottlenosed dolphins filmed at play in the River Conwy
Rare footage of a pod of dolphins has been caught on film by a boatman on the river.

Hundreds of dolphins are seen in Swansea Bay
Dolphins around the Gower and Pembrokeshire were the cause of much excitement.

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon
Supporters are expecting some positive news for the tidal lagoon this Autumn.

A million seeds sown to tackle climate change
An interesting initiative to restore seagrass beds around Wales could also be an effective carbon sink.

Seagrass is the ‘wonder plant’ beneath the waves – and the UK is trying to save it
More news on the seagrass underwater meadows.

Ecodyfi withdraws from Summit to Sea rewilding project
An eco-organisation has pulled out of the project over sustainability concerns.

The disgusting amount of plastic washed up on beautiful Welsh beach Three Cliffs Bay
Around 14lbs of rubbish was washed up along just 100m of shore.

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