All Wales Plast-Off

The Plast-Off! Plan

Historically, Plast-Off! has been a yearly event, timed with the winter storms in order to try and haul up as much of the plastic that’s being brought in by the bigwaves. However, this winter we decided with the number of storms coming in, we should up our game.

For the all Wales Plast-Off!, we tackled 3 locations on Friday 21st February. Those that turned up braved the blustery and biting winds, which certainly meant collecting rubbish was much trickier than usual!

Once defeated by the wind and the cold, our brave beach cleaners returned their sacks to a small team of sorters who separated the recyclables (blue bags) from trash destined for landfill (red bags).



In the north, we focussed mainly on Aberffraw on the west coast of Anglesey, but spread out to other tucked away bays, with some people taking bags and litter pickers and heading off to find harder to reach rubbish.

The Aberffraw grand total came

to: 108 Kg red bags- general rubbish

42kg recyclable material

and so a final weight of: 150kg


Overton Mere

The south Wales Plast-offers were divided between two locations. At Overton Mere, on the Gower peninsula, most of the rubbish collected was fishing rope or netting. A grand total of 138kg of rubbish was collected into 31 sacks, along with hauling lots of larger items such as crates too! This was a cracking effort between the 13 people that were there- 7 of which were (obviously very strong) children.



Finally, sandwiched between Aberfraw and Overton Mere, in Cardigan Bay, the Llanrhystud event managed to heave 73kg of rubbish off the beach. The Team removed a huge 531 plastic items from the beach, followed in second by 249 objects identified as rope/fishing gear! With an additional bay made inaccessible by the tide and prevailing winds, our team of public, volunteers and staff made great leeway!



Grand Totals

In total, a superb 361kg of rubbish was removed from beaches across Wales! Thank you to all those who took part, and for those that couldn’t make it but want to come to future events, we’ve got several beach clean events coming up.

Check out our events page for upcoming microplastic cleans as part of The Great Global Nurdle Hunt. Not one happening near you? Why don’t you organise your own nurdle hunt. Find out more information at The Great Global Nurdle Hunt.


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  1. Georgina Gittins

    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your updates – they are more important than ever now! Not just that, they’re so entertaining + interesting. Thank you SO much.

    Housebound in Wrexham. 🙁

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