Great Easter eggcase hunt

An eggcase hunt at Criccieth - North Wales Wildlife Trust

We'll be going Live on Easter Monday to show you a natural alternative to the Easter Egg Hunt. Why not join us, then do your own by heading to the shore for some treasure hunting with conservation at its heart.

This time of year we're usually out and about with our volunteers at events showing people the particularly interesting links between our beach strandlines and the Easter celebrations. 

You can replace or add to your Easter goings on by trying to find shark eggs on your local beach. The joy of finding your first and then "getting your eye in" you find another, then another, and then a different-looking one and the joy continues. It really is plenty of fun, but it's also a vital part of helping to conserve our amazing egg-laying shark species.  By collecting and then identifying those eggcases and letting the Shark Trust know your findings (don't forget to take a pic) you'll be helping to monitor these magnificent creatures. 

Join us LIVE on YouTube and Facebook on Easter Monday at 10am to learn more and here's a video to help start you off on your next hunt. Let us know how you get on. 

Strandline-on-tour - Shark Eggs (North Wales Wildlife Trust)

Have a nosy at one of our volunteer training videos to learn how to go about doing your own Great Easter Eggcase Hunt. Don't just save it for Easter, shark eggs are found on our shores all year round.