Our New Shoresearchers

Shoresearch is a Wildlife Trusts citizen science project used to record the species and habitats found along the rocky shore. As part of the Living Seas Wales project we have been conducting Shoresearch surveys, along the Welsh coast, with our dedicated and passionate volunteers.

Recently our south Wales team led a Shoresearch Training day for a new group of keen rocky shore explorers. We spent the morning learning to identify common types of seaweed, barnacles, limpets, anemones and marine snails through a mix of presentations and sample sorting.

Identifying seaweed samples

After lunch we wrapped up warm and braved the wind and headed onto Southerndown beach to put our new ID skills to the test! The rocky shore and rock pools were teeming with life and in half an hour we spotted a variety of topshell, periwinkle and barnacle species as well as beadlet anemones, coral weed and Irish moss which is often used to thicken ice-cream.

A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a Saturday even if it was a tad cold and windy!

Shoresearch surveys are a great way for you to explore your local coastline and discover more about our shores, whilst recording vital information on the marine life that you find. You can join one of our upcoming surveys on Friday 10th April 2020 –

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