We’re searching for seaside stories!

© Peter Williams

Do you have memories about marine mammals? Stories about sharks or salmon? Perhaps you could write a book about your time on a boat? If so, the Living Seas Wales Team want to hear from you!

Laura Evans, our Living Seas Wales Project Officer, at one of our memory collection events © Living Seas Wales.

Our Team are looking to understand how our seas have changed over the years, and to do this, we’re hoping to record people’s memories of the marine environment. The importance of sharing stories of this kind, especially those passed down the generations, cannot be understated, because, unlike data already in archives, people’s stories are constantly at risk of being forgotten. This means that sharing memories could not be more important to be carried forward into the future!

Peter Williams’ uncle Hywel Williams, with his boat used in the Herring Run off Amlwch mid 20th Century © Peter Williams.

Dr Sarah Perry, Living Seas Manager for WTSWW, says “We’re particularly interested to hear about marine megafauna: people’s encounters with marine wildlife such as dolphins, whales or sharks, for example, as well as memories relating to seabirds or fishing”.

The project itself provides us with a unique opportunity to connect with members of the local community…” says WTSWW Living Seas Engagement Officer, Beth Thompson. “…Telling stories about our past is too often reserved to sitting round the fire of an evening, so the chance to bring these tales out of the depths is incredibly exciting. Who knows what gems we might discover, all while learning more about our past along the way!

As well as word of mouth, we’re looking for photos, postcards or objects that transport you back to a time and place on the Welsh coast.

Kevin Hawke’s dive log, describing a particularly exciting day spent off the north side of Skomer © Kevin Hawke.

Want to be involved? Or know someone who should be?! Email: livingseas@welshwildlife.org, Call: 01545 560224, submit your memories online or attend one of our ‘The Sea and Me’ events!

Main image: Working on the boat in Amlwch harbour during the Herring Run (1940s) © Peter Williams.


*UPDATE* Our ‘The Sea and Me’ events have been postponed, in line with UK government regulations, until further notice, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.


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