Angel Shark at Amroth in 2017

By Jen Burrows

I saw and photographed the body of a shark looking fish on the beach at Amroth approximately 18 months ago and was never sure what species it was. I did post on twitter but to no avail. However, having seen the recent story on bbc about Angel Sharks I was wondering if this could be one. I have attached the image for you to assess.

One thought on “Angel Shark at Amroth in 2017”

  1. Nia Jones

    Hello Jen! Thank you so much for your Sea Story! We think that this is a bull huss (you may also hear them being called nursehound or greater spotted dogfish!). They are very similar to the lesser spotted catshark and although its quite hard to differentiate when they are on the beach like this we think due to the pattern that this is a bull huss!

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