Dive Log – Little Haven, St Brides Bay 4th October 1998

By Kevin Hawke

I am a keen diver, and Living Seas Wales volunteer. During a dive near Little Haven, St Brides Bay, on the 4th of October 1998, I recorded the following in my dive log:

‘Launched out of Little Haven. Descended the anchor line nice and slow waiting for Dick. Relaxed and steady dive, loads of life about – couple of Lobsters, Edible Crabs and a Crawfish – ‘ a first’. A Seal swam past on a number of occasions, then came across it lying on the rocks later on it swam across us chasing a Dogfish which he had in its mouth directly above Dick, who exhaled and frightened the life out of it, a short while later it was swimming behind Dick biting his fins + leg. ‘It’s not fair’. Just as we were about to ascend I spotted a large Shark like fish, which Simon later identified as a Tope?’