John Coe

By Lyndon Lomax and Janet Baxter

On 1st June 2008 we were on a boat trip in the Grassholm area. Our Skipper – ‘Zeman’ – spotted movement near the horizon which turned out to be two Orca. They gave us and the passengers fabulous views.

Later on some research revealed it was ‘John Coe’ and his companion Aquarius. John Coe was first named and identified c1980 and is possibly the most famous Cetacean in the world other than Moby Dick.

This turned out to be one of the early sightings of both animals seemingly travelling around Ireland and up the West Coast of Wales and Scotland each year. Not only that a photo from a trip in 2007 by a passenger was indeed John Coe and our Skipper saw them for a third time in 2008.

The tail fluke and bite photo is possibly the first photo taken of his fluke.

(With Thousand Islands Wildlife Expeditions, St Davids).

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