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National Marine Week 2020

This year National Marine Week will be running from Saturday the 25th of July, until the 9th of August! We are pleased to announce that the theme for this year is…explore the shore!

What is National Marine Week?

Shoreline in New Quay, Ceredigion © Laura Evans / CBMWC

National Marine Week is The Wildlife Trusts’ nationwide celebration of all things marine – from the depths of the ocean, to the coastal shallows! Despite the name, this “week” lasts a whole 15 days, to allow for the variation in tide times around the country.

What’s new for National Marine Week 2020?

Usually our Living Seas Team would be out and about running a whole host of fun-filled events, from seashore safaris to beach cleans. This year, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we have had to adapt – but don’t you worry we’ve squeezed in more exciting content than ever for you, your family and friends to enjoy!

We’ll be virtually celebrating all things shoreline, meaning, whether you live by the coast or in the middle of the country, you too can get involved! Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we’ll be sharing a wide range of DIY events and activities over the 15-day period! From exploring the strandline, to showing you how you can carry out a community clean, we’re excited to connect with you online!

Throughout the week we’ll also be sharing with you our top tips on how you can save the sea, from anywhere and everywhere!

For our full program of events and activities, please see the timetable below:

National Marine Week 2020 © Living Seas Wales

How can you get involved?

Wonderful artwork previously sent in to CBMWC, by 8-year old Freya © CBMWC / Freya

No matter where you are joining us from, you can connect with our Living Seas Team by sending in your photos or artwork. We’ll be sharing our favourite submissions throughout the week!

Be sure to use the hashtag #NationalMarineWeek!

What can I do if I don’t use social media?

We know that social media isn’t for everyone. If you’d still like to get involved with National Marine Week, but don’t have access to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can take part by downloading our range of marine-themed activity sheets (see below), or keeping an eye on the CBMWC YouTube channel for DIY activities to be revealed throughout the week!

What can I do if I can’t get to the coast?

Our Living Seas Team (Photo taken prior to COVID-19) © Living Seas Wales

Because our National Marine Week activities are occurring virtually this year, anyone can take part! Even if you don’t live by the coast there are ways that you can still get involved!

We look forward to seeing you all (virtually) on the shore, very soon!



⚠️ If you do spend time on the shoreline then please ensure you adhere to Welsh Government COVID-19 guidelines and respect our fragile marine wildlife⚠️