Award for Living Seas Volunteer

Photo Credit – Sue Timperley

Paige Bentley has been one of our most prolific, enthusiastic and inclusive Living Seas Wales (North) volunteers over the past 2.5 years. She began with a beach clean with her Mum; moved onto rocky shore surveys and then events and soon became one of our go-to people, who we knew would be able to help with whatever activity we were doing and bring something of her own to it.

As Paige has grown in confidence in her marine wildlife knowledge and ability to impart information to all comers, she has given more to our marine work across the North Wales region.

Paige has also gone further afield and represented Welsh young people at the international marine conference held in Scotland this year, writing a blog about it.

Paige was unable to accept her award at the North Wales Wildlife Trust’s AGM this year, as she is working in Bolivia for a charity helping the victims of animal trafficking. The award was presented and accepted on her behalf by the Living Seas staff. Paige’s thanks to the Marsh Christian Trust were imparted to the AGM on her behalf.

She hasn’t thought about what to spend the money on yet, but no doubt it will be something to help her continue to help wildlife.

Thoughts from her fellow Living Seas Champions:

“Paige is a force of nature for nature & the greater environment; a young woman wise beyond her years. She makes me more conscious about issues of our environment & my life is richer as a result of knowing her. And on top of that she has a wonderful sense of fun.” – Sue Timperley

“I’ve been so impressed with Paige’s commitment to her volunteering. She has extensive knowledge of marine wildlife and her enthusiasm is infectious, whether showing the public or her fellow volunteers her latest find or observation.  It’s working alongside people like Paige that makes me be a volunteer too. I’m so pleased she has received such a well-deserved award.” – Gina Mills

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