Celebrating the 160th Anniversary of “On the Origin of Species”

Barnacle ID at Aberdaron

We weren’t joined by a flood of people wanting to join us on November beaches in icy winds, but these are the conditions Darwin had to tolerate when he first began documenting the shores. His fascination with barnacles (going on to publish four books on them) helped him develop the evidence he felt he needed to publish his theory of Natural Selection.

We had quality in our participants, however. We believe all will go on to develop their ID skills of barnacles and indeed some already have, all have spread the word about how fascinating our barnacles are and some are keen to create events on their local beaches with Barnacles as a centre focus, just as they ought to be.

thank you so much for the great insight into barnacles. I have got rather excited about them. ……. They are amazing creatures. I had another look today and was showing them to [others] – J. Smith, Tywyn.

it was certainly worth coming too, we all enjoyed it so much. – R. McChesney and family, Talacre

thank you for our fabulous introduction to all things Barnacle! ……. I am now really curious to find out which species of barnacles are on the headland of Pen y Cil – K. Atkinson, Aberdaron

Wart Barnacle (Verruca Stroemia) – Picture Melanie Harding

We visited 6 beaches in all across the breadth and length of North Wales over a 9 day period, leading up to the 160th Anniversary of that famous book. We focussed on barnacle ID of common species seen, pointing out ID tips and heading to the rocks/groynes/lighthouses/wooden tidal.

Acorn barnacle ID

We followed up with sending everyone, ID tips and also the link to the Capturing our Coast Barnacle Citizen Science survey you can do from your settee.  www.capturingourcoast.co.uk/specific-information/big-barnacle-count Why not have a go yourself and see just how fascinating our barnacles can be.

Barnacles catching a permanent ride on a known barnacle predator -the dog whelk

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