Swansea Shoresearch Review 2019

Shoresearch is a Wildlife Trusts citizen science project used to record the species and habitats found along the rocky shore. As part of the Living Seas Wales project we have been conducting Shoresearch surveys at Bracelet Bay beach, Swansea, since April 2019.

A dedicated team of 15 trained volunteers have helped us to conduct five biodiversity surveys and one times species search over this time.

Our favourite survey, the biodiversity survey, involves collecting species abundance at random points along the intertidal zone using quadrats. In total we have collected data from 48 quadrats, recording a total of 24 different species.

Quadrat Used on Shoresearch Surveys

Highlights have included identifying six different types of seaweed, shore crabs, purple topshells and a group of dog whelks surrounding their eggs!

The data collected by this project helps us to monitor the marine environment and better understand the effects of pollution, climate change and invasive alien species.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to our volunteers, without whom the surveys would not be possible.

Shoresearch surveys are a great way for you to explore your local coastline and discover more about our shores, whilst recording vital information on the animals and seaweed that you find.

If you are interested in joining a Shoresearch Survey in south and west Wales then please contact volunteer@cbmwc.org for further information.

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